Jeep Wrangler - new Wrangler is still a Jeep

Give Chrysler credit – it has been an extraordinary caretaker of Jeep during the past quarter-century. Wranglers are periodically updated to remain current, but are never pretend to be anything other than a pure off-road machine. That doesn’t mean a few concessions can’t make them more enjoyable on every road.

“The iconic Jeep Wrangler keeps getting better,” said Mike Manley, President and CEO – Jeep brand, Chrysler Group LLC. “While retaining unmatched, legendary capability, the 2011 Jeep Wrangler boasts an all-new interior that delivers a host of comfort, convenience and versatility features. In addition, Sahara models now feature a stunning, all-new body-color hard top, for customers looking for a Jeep wrangler with a more premium appearance.”

Wrangler enthusiasts will first notice the curved, Euro-style dash panel that connects the off-roader with the redesigned 2011 Grand Cherokee. A new contemporary steering wheel with integrated audio, cruise controls, and Bluetooth hands-free phone connection may shock the faithful, but will broaden Wrangler’s appeal among commuters and younger urban cowpeople. A new USB plug connects music players to the vehicle’s controls. Twelve-volt accessory and home style 110-V outlets have been added so passengers can power devices on the fly. Optional two-tone leather seats add upscale flair.
You can believe the Wrangler is as capable off-road as ever. It will be among the first Jeeps to receive Chrysler’s high-tech “Phoenix” V6 engines and a new transmission. An array of four-wheel-drive gear ratios and locking differentials are sure to remain in the Wrangler’s tool box. Two-door and Four-door “Unlimited” editions, including off-road superior Rubicon editions, will return.

When the 2011 Wrangler debuts later this year, prices are expected to remain similar to the 2010 stickers of $21,165 for two-door and $23,410 for four-door Wranglers. We could talk about competitors, but we all know there really aren’t any for the original Jeep.

By Casey Williams - MyCarData