Mercedes C Class - Restyling and upgrade mid 2011

The restyled 2012 C-Class sedan is scheduled to arrive in the U.S. in August of 2011. The front and rear end of the popular Mercedes sedan have been enhanced with a more distinctive design. The luxurious interior is now emphasized by the stylish new dashboard, which features a premium, fine-grain finish and stylish trim elements, as well as a high-resolution color display in the instrument cluster. Fuel economy has been improved by as much as 15 percent, thanks to new direct-injection engines and the redesigned 7-speed automatic transmission. Five new driver assistance systems ranging from the ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection system through to the Blind Spot Assist are now available in the C-Class lineup. New-generation telematics offer new infotainment and navigation features.
The U.S. model line-up consists the:
C250 RWD : 1.8L Turbo I4 , 201 hp / 229 lb-ft
C300 4MATIC: 3.0L V6, 228 hp / 221 lb-ft
C350 RWD: 3.5L V6, 302 hp / 273 lb-ft
The Mercedes-Benz management team on the C-Class:
“The benchmark in its segment”

“The C-Class Sedan has been the global market leader in its segment since 2008, so it is highly topical. But the comprehensive updating of our high-volume model also shows that even in the global economic crisis we have had the strength to invest in our product portfolio without making any compromises. For us the new-generation C-Class with more than 2000 new parts is a facelift – others would speak of a new car.” Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars
“We are currently making greater leaps forward than ever before in the history of the car where efficiency is concerned. This becomes clear if you compare our compact top model from 1989, the 190E 2.5-16 Evo I, with the current C220 CDI. The performance is virtually identical, and in the space of just 20 years consumption has been halved, whilst comfort, safety and emission characteristics have drastically improved at the same time. And we are certainly keeping up this speed: we are inventing the car for the second time.” Dr Thomas Weber, Member of the Daimler Board of Management responsible for Group Research and Head of Development, Mercedes-Benz Cars

“In order to keep delivery times as short as possible for our customers, we have production of the C-Class running at full steam in three plants. We introduce the extensive changes for the new generation, such as the hood made of aluminum, on the production line in a flying changeover. This is a challenge for logistics and processes, and it is only thanks to the motivation and flexibility of our employees that we can do this with confidence. Some of our competitors envy us for this ‘Daimler spirit’.” Dr Wolfgang Bernhard, Member of the Daimler Board of Management responsible for Production and Purchasing, Mercedes-Benz Cars Daimler Communications

“The drive system and safety systems in the new-generation C-Class offer the comfort, efficiency and safety of our luxury vehicles. The new telematics generation connects the C-Class with the internet. Plus, with many significant details in the interior, the vehicle calls to mind the new CLS and sets totally new standards in its segment where the quality impression is concerned.” Dr Joachim Schmidt, Member of Mercedes-Benz Cars Management responsible for Sales and Marketing

“The new-generation C-Class also sets the pace in its segment when it comes to design. This is especially apparent in the interior: fine materials displaying painstaking attention to detail and the generous use of trim parts add an exclamation mark: the C-Class is dressed up to the nines.” Prof. Gorden Wagener, Head of Design, Mercedes-Benz Cars

Expressive, resolute, self-assured
Striking: restyled bumpers, hood and headlamps
Eye-catching: tail lights with an impression of depth thanks to LED indicators
High-grade redesigned dashboard emphasizes premium standard
The C-Class has undergone a comprehensive makeover. The bumper now has a more distinctive and dynamic design, with the front end adopting the brand’s new design language. The center air intake opens upward in a v-shape and forms the core element of the grille design, while istinctive lines emerge from the base of the aggressive arrow design in the center. Running beneath the headlamps, these character lines transition into the side profile. The outboard air intakes in the bumper are positioned very low down to give the car a more muscular stance.

The C-Class features a new aluminum hood, which helps reduce weight to improve fuel efficiency. Contours around the headlamps and grille bring additional emphasis to the front-end arrow form. Working together with the redesigned headlamps, the overall front-end look is far more distinctive.

Modified clear glass headlamps create a more dynamic and determined look and, together with the hood, grille and bumper, enhance the arrow visual at the front end. This precise, contemporary look is reinforced by the design of both the exterior and interior of the headlamp units, which feature a finely balanced interplay between matte and gloss surfaces. The halogen headlamps follow the classic format with low beam located on the outside and high beam in the inside, while the indicator lamps are discreetly positioned in the outer corners toward the fenders.

The available bi-xenon headlamps come with active functions and bring added depth to the appearance with a series of LED modules. A C-shaped positioning light defines the nighttime design, with cornering lights located behind it and stretching outward to the main lamp module. At the base of the headlamps are broad horizontal LED indicator units. Also horizontal are the LED daytime running lights located in the bumper, which make the C-Class unmistakable from a distance.

On the rear bumper, the character lines and shutlines have been modified to add emphasis to the vehicle’s stance. This is especially evident in the steep rise of the character line running outward toward the rear lights. A continuous character line on the upper edge of the rear bumper runs into the fenders of the C-Class to provide a connection to the sides and emphasizes the sporty character of the rear view. A new one-piece jewel case on the tail lights provides further integration into the rear of the vehicle. The characteristic sinuous surface line is now reflected on the inside of the lights and is reminiscent of earlier models.

The distinctive depth of the lights is achieved by LED indicators located in the center that appear to float in front of the more deeply set red LED bands above and below. The rear light pattern is particularly distinctive at night.
The redesigned tail lights are even more neatly integrated into the tail end by a continuous covering lens. The characteristic surface meander is now on the inside of the light, and reminiscent of preceding model series. The impression of depth is achieved by a centrally located LED indicator, which appears to float in front of the red upper and lower light bands.

In all its finery: restyled dashboard and high-grade surfaces
One focal point of the work done in the interior was the redesign of the dashboard with the aim of creating a powerful, sporty and premium look-and-feel that includes extensive enhancement to the trim. The surfaces of the controls are more finely detailed and feature a metallic finish. The stepped hood of the instrument binnacle now extends to incorporate the central display and runs onward into the passenger side enhanced by a subtle character line. The central, trapezoidal air vents and the outer circular vents are accentuated with metallic trim elements.

Central to the design of the new dashboard is a prominent trim panel which stretches from the central air vents along the passenger side to the outer air vent, adding visual width to the interior. The surface grain on the top portion of the dashboard continues along the upper edges of the door panels.

The new-generation center console is distinguished by its rectangular silver keys and emphasizes the premium feel of the interior in combination with matte keys, high-gloss surfaces and a new knurled control knob. Together with the new-generation telematics, the restyled C-Class also receives a new instrument binnacle with integrated display. Oriented toward the driver are three tubular gauge surrounds with metallic surfaces that further enhance the character of the C-Class.

The luxury feel is emphasized by the new-generation leather steering wheel introduced with the all-new CLS and now available as standard in the C-Class. The steering wheel features a chrome-plated central spoke and further accentuates the car’s stylish and sporty ambience.

Source Mercedes - MyCarData